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What You Should Know About Endoscopy (Gastroscopy And Colonoscopy In Singapore)?

Endoscopy is a minimally invasive procedure, which involves the insertion of a tube into the openings of the patients' body, such as the anus or mouth. There are no scars involved. Unlike in the past when the surgery was considered extremely complicated, modern endoscopy has comparatively few risks. It is also quick to perform and delivers detailed images, making it incredibly valuable in many areas of modern medicine. Nowadays, endoscopy surgery has become the most common surgical procedure among doctors.

Common endoscopic procedures in Singapore include:

1) Gastroscopy to visualize the esophagus and stomach,

2) Colonoscopy to visualize the colon and rectum,

3) ERCP to visualize the bile duct and pancreas and

4) Small bowel Enteroscopy or Capsule endoscopy to visualize the small intestine

Endoscopy surgery is not only simple and quick to perform, but it is also a safe procedure. After the discovery of the endoscope tool as well as rapid developments in the field, the procedure has turned out to be effortless to carry out. The purpose of performing the surgery is to diagnose and confirm various suspected conditions by taking biopsies etc. and plan on the right treatment. Polyps, ulcers, and stones can also be removed through these procedures. When cancers in colon on stomach are detected in a very early stage then the surgeon can also remove these using endoscopy surgery.

Endoscopy does not need a patient to stay in the hospital overnight, as it takes less than an hour to complete. However, the doctor performing the surgery may provide patients with some simple bowel preparation before the procedure.

A Gastroscopy in Singapore will usually be performed by a healthcare expert who is specialized in carrying out endoscopies, known as endoscopists. They will be assisted by nurses or trained medical assistants. Patients opting for a Gastroscopy are supposed to meet the concerned nurse before the procedure. It will aid them considerably in getting the required information about the procedure as well as its expected results. This, in turn, helps them choose the right treatment with their endoscopist if surgery is required.

Gastroscopy in Singapore is a relatively painless procedure. The Gastroscopy procedure will usually be carried out with a local anesthetic spray to numb the throat of patients. They will also be given mild sedation to avoid any discomfort or gagging sensation during the procedure. Patients will usually be requested to remove their contact lenses, glasses, false teeth, or tongue studs before the procedure. They will also be asked to lie down on their left-hand side and the endoscopist will introduce the endoscope into their throat.

Colonoscopy is performed in a similar manner but in this case the colonoscope is inserted through the anus. Occasionally, the colon may be tortuous or loopy and there may be previous abdominal adhesions making the maneuverability a bit difficult. In such cases the endoscopist may decide not to push through but to do a CT colonography to avoid perforation of the colon. In spite of all precautions, in very rare occasions there may be a perforation which may require a secondary procedure to repair it.

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