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All You Need to Know About Hernia Surgery Singapore

Hernia surgery in Singapore

A hernia is a disorder that involves the protrusion of an organ or other body structure through a weak part of muscle or tissue. In some cases, the condition can create a visible bulge or lump in the skin. A hernia can be present from birth or may be acquired during a lifetime. Chronic coughing, sudden sneezing, chronic constipation, or any condition that can raise intra-abdominal pressure may result in a hernia.

Hernias can occur in any part of the body but the most common areas include the groin, abdominal wall including previous surgery incisions as well as internally a condition called as hiatus hernia.

The symptoms of hernia include the following: it may be asymptomatic but most commonly presents with a bulge or swelling. It may be associated with discomfort or pain. When the pain is severe it is important to see a Hernia doctor in Singapore as soon as possible as this may be an emergency and potentially life threatening. Intra-abdominal fat or intestines may be trapped and can lead to obstruction or strangulation if it is not treated urgently.

Hernia Surgery in Singapore

Hernia surgery returns the protruded organ or structure to its appropriate position and repairs the weakened area of tissue or muscle. Hernia surgery in Singapore is done through minimal access techniques such as laparoscopic surgery or robotic surgery as this causes less pain, less blood loss, lower rate of infection and early return to normal activity.

A hernia repair can be of different types and can be done according to the nature and severity of the condition. If the hernia is small then a hernia surgeon in Singapore may perform a suture repair, where the weakened muscle is stitched together. However, if the defect is large then a mesh repair will be done in which a mesh will be placed to strengthen the weak muscle.

The only way to repair a hernia is by performing hernia surgery. If the hernia is small or does not produce symptoms then watchful waiting may be an option, however there is a risk for the hernia to get bigger and subsequently leading to complications. The doctor may suggest the hernia surgery for a hernia if watchful waiting is not an option for patients.

A hernia doctor in Singapore may suggest surgery for certain types of hernia, including:

· Diaphragmatic hernia

· Femoral hernia

· Hiatal hernia

· Incisional hernia

· Inguinal hernia

· Umbilical hernia

Choosing a highly skilled and experienced Hernia surgeon in Singapore will aid you considerably in getting the best treatment for the various types of hernia.

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